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Analytical Instruments Consortium
  • Food Analyzer  

    Food Analyzer

    Fast and Compact Near Infra Red Analyzer for Production Monitoring and Quality Control of Raw materials and Finished Products.

    Simultaneous Determination of Properties such as Moisture, Protein, Sugar, Alcohol, Iodine Number, Oil etc content in food. Also no Chemicals Are Required For Sample Preparation

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  • TMS Pro Texture Analyzer  

    TMS Pro Texture Analyzer

    The TMS Pro Texture Analyzerwas designed as an affordable alternative to the very high priced test systems offered by competitors

    The TMS Pro texture analyzer accepts the full and expanding line of FTC test cells including the industry standard, FTC Kramer Shear Cell as well as fixtures from our competitors

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  • Microwave Digestion System MDS-15  

    Microwave Digestion System MDS 15

    Sineo’s patented safety bolt design eliminates the need for explosion-proof membranes and other costly consumables.

    Initiative wireless remote video monitoring system, together with quartz vessels, makes the reaction be seen clearly at a glance. Pictures and videos can be taken during the entire process.

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  • Microwave Digestion System MDS-40  

    Microwave Digestion System MDS 40

    The product can mesure temperature and pressure when 40 vessels are heating at the same time, adopts temperature and presuer control as standard configaration,and adopts IR monitoring to the reaction parameters of all vessels.

    The product eliminites vessel leakage,sample loss and unclear digestion during heating.

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  • Microwave Synthesis System  

    Microwave Synthesis System

    Microwave Synthesis system is refined, professional, labstation designed for academic research and teaching lab with synthetic chemistry applications.

    Advanced microwave power auto-adjust function based on reaction temperature would generate non-pulse continuous microwave power for maximum microwave effect under specific reaction condition.

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  • Microwave Digestion System MDS-40  

    Microwave Synthesis System With UV

    Microwave Snthesis System With UV light and Ultrasonic Sound Attachment (Uwave 1000) is a multifunctional chemical reactor that can randomly combine, overlap and regulate microwave energy, ultraviolet light and ultrasonic wave.

    It can be used for several applications e.g. Synthesis of new nanometer materials, Organic auxiliary synthesis etc

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  • Dental Microwave Sinter Furnace  

    High Vacuum Microwave Sintering Furnace

    HAMiLab-HV3 is our most advanced research furnace. It offers the entire range of features that come standard with HAMiLab-V3000, with advanced atmosphere control for air sensitive samples. Materials may be processed up to 1600 degree Celsius in a vacuum below 10-3Pa or in nitrogen or inert gases.

    Using stepless adjustable, high stability and long lifetime, CW industry level microwave source to make sure that the system can run continuous and stable for long time.

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  • Grain Analyzer  

    Grain Analyzer

    The SpectraAlyzer grain is a Near-InfraRed spectrometer which is dedicated to analyze the composition of samples using the near infrared absorbance characteristics of the sample spectra. It is suitable for the compositional analysis of a wide variety of food products like grains, cereals, oil seeds and flour. All possible parameters of e.g. grain products, such as protein, moisture, oil, ash, hardness and water absorption can be analyzed simultaneously.

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Our wide range of Analytical Instruments covers texture analyzer, food analyzer, milk analyzer, fish and meat analyzer, texture analyzer, whole grain and seed analyzer, poultry and animal feed analyzer, wine, beverages and oil analyzer. We also offer Scanning NIR Spectrophotometer, Closed Vessel Microwave Digestion and Extraction System, Microwave Synthesis System, Analab Products, Pharmaceutical QC Instruments, Biotechnology Instrument and accessories.

Our Microwave Digestion and Synthesis Systems, used in the field of Agriculture, Soil, Food, Environmental, Biological, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Geochemical, Metals and Metallurgy, Polymer etc, are in heavy demand across the country. We are also exporting to Bangladesh and Nepal.

Our Pharmaceutical QC Instruments from ELECTROLAB and THERMOLAB are world class in Quality and Standard.

The breadth and depth of our expertise enable us to offer excellent solutions. With insight gained from this unique and comprehensive perspective, we can help our customers get the best products and services quickly and profitably. We translate, what customers need and our thought into value, for our customers, through our professional solutions and services.

With customers in more than 40 Institutes, Colleges, Universities, Industries and R&D Centers, our presence offer a distinct competitive advantage. AIC Sales and Support capabilities give customers the flexibility they need in today's competitive environment. We trust that high quality, best service and reasonable price can be in one. Here dreams will be made real.

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